Monday, March 19, 2012

Legendary Guys

Game Premise
The Orb of Ultimate Power is up for grabs. As a Legendary Guy, you seek it. Unfortunately, all the other legendary Guys seek it as well. You're going to have to fight them off in an awesome and spectacular fashion to show that you are truly the Legendariest Guy of all!

Game Overview
I got Legendary Guys in postcard format along with my recently arrived copy of Mystic Empyrean which I'm currently reading through and will do a post on in the near future. Legendary Guys is more of a competitive game than your traditional RPG, but you make a character with broad traits and roll funny-shaped dice, so I say it counts and a good subject for a mini-update.

All rolls are opposed, since you're competing against the other players and the system is dead-simple: roll whatever die your trait it rated at, your opponent does the same, highest die wins.

It is in fact possible that nobody wins a game of Legendary Guys. Since you get one last attack when you're killed, you might get to kill your last opponent. Better hope that doesn't happen when you play it, because that would be lame.

The Character
Step 1) Who am I making?
The card encourages you to steal liberally from pop culture, the only caveat is that your character has to be amazingly awesome. I briefly considered making Daffy Duck the Wizard from this Merry Melodies cartoon, but instead I've decided to make someone even more legendary: President George Washington (NSFW).

Step 2) Traits
I have 10 points to spend on Traits. Traits can have between 1-5 points, the more points in the trait, the higher the die rolled, a d4 for 1 points all the way to a d12 for 5. Once you've rolled a trait in the game, whether to attack another player or in reaction to an attack you can't use it again.

As you've just learned from the video, George Washington was a skilled man. He Could Knife Into Heaven and he can also Kill With a Stare, both traits I'm going to put 2 points each in. He was also Made of Radiation and Ate Opponent's Brains, which I'll put 1 point each in. I also heard that motherfucker had, like Thirty God-damn Dicks, which also gets 1 points. Most dangerous of all, he's Six Foot Twenty, Fucking Killing for Fun, which gets the remaining 3 points.

Step 3) Hit Points
Every time you lose an opposed roll against another player you lose a Hit Point. When you've been reduced below 0 hit points, you're dead. Like all legendary guys, Washington starts off with five.

Step 4) The Venue
The most legendary player gets to pick the venue for the duel. As the only player, that's me by default. I'm going to pick Washington DC, except it's on fire. All of it. I dunno, robots or something started it.

The Finished Product
President George Washington

6'20'', Fucking Killing for Fun d8
Ate Opponents Brains d4
He Could Knife Into Heaven d6
Kill With a Stare d6
Made of Radiation d4
Thirty God-damn Dicks d6

How I'd Run It
Pretty much straight. It doesn't need a GM and it seems like a decent game to play when you've got dice on you and 20 minutes to spare.

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  1. Reminds me of the ultimate showdown of ultimate destiny.